Athena Project - Girls Improv Camp

Our Girls Improv camp is new for 2018! Seasoned mentors will provide a fun space for girls to exercise their creative energies through improv scenes, focusing on both long and short forms, to boost self-confidence, spontaneity and playfulness.

Why should I come to Girls Improv Camp?

1) Girls Improv is a great place to learn the art of improvisation in a safe environment. Often girls are told they aren’t funny, and we KNOW that’s not true; join our improv-olution and learn what we know!
2) Improv skills are life skills; in a world where people are more afraid of public speaking than almost anything, improv skills will put you head and shoulders above the average.
3) Improv is just terrifically, amazingly, wonderfully great. So why not?

What should I bring?

Shoes/clothes that are comfortable to move in. Improv can lead you to crazy physical choices–be prepared! Also, make sure to bring a sack lunch. We’ve got water and snacks covered!

How will learning improv help me?

When you leave Girls Improv, you’ll take a whole new set of life skills with you. School presentation? No problem! Job interview? Nailed it! Improv skills enhance your ability to be comfortable in front of any audience, any time, and whether it’s your first improv or your 10th, there’s always something new to learn and practice.

How do I sign up?

Check back in the spring of 2019 for registration information!