2018 Plays in Progress

As we grow and expand our programs every year, we’ve realized the importance of the Plays In Progress program to foster and develop new work. This year, we’re excited to bring you the works of FIVE women at varying stages of development!

This lineup is a wonderful mix of topics and ideas and stories that we wish to share with you! In order to continue serving the development of new work, we’ve added a new Concert Reading spot to the 2018 PIP series.

The series is made up of new works exclusively written by female playwrights and from our PIP Series of 2017 AND 2018 this year, one play will be selected to be fully produced in September 2018. Keep reading to meet our playwrights, as well as their works. We are thrilled to welcome them to our community!

Claire Caviglia - Playwright - Inside Child



Claire is a hospitality management major and a junior at the University of Denver. Passionate about writing since she can remember, she fell in love with theatre in the second grade. The Inside Child is her first entry into the world of full length plays; her published one acts (Boy 1, How to Roommate) and ten-minute plays have been performed in California and Colorado.

The Inside Child – Table Reading

Eight-year-old Rose Emsworth has never been allowed outside. With a busy senator father, John, and an unsteady mother, Amy, Rose’s only solace comes from her governess, Sarah. When John’s political rival threatens to reveal their unconventional situation, John and Amy are desperate to keep Rose indoors and their secrets hidden. They bring in another girl into the house to live as Rose. But with John’s campaign, Amy’s declining mental state, and Sarah’s increased chance at freedom, this plan backfires, forcing Sarah to revisit her shared past with Amy…and finally find what is underneath the floorboard.

Philana Imade Omorotionmwan - Playwright - Strong Face



Philana is originally from Baton Rouge, LA. Her writing frequently considers how the processes by which we are colored, sexed, sexualized, and classed can often lead to our bodies feeling like prisons that restrict us from experiencing the fullest expression of ourselves. Her full-length plays include Before Evening Comes (Princess Grace Finalist, Bay Area Playwrights Festival, Br!nk New Play Festival, and La MaMa Experiments Series), Fireflies (Women Works Runner-up, TDPS New Play Reading Series, Tantrum Rising Voices Series) and Strong Face (KCACTF NPAT Finalist). Philana earned her BA from Stanford University and is currently pursuing MFA in Playwriting.

Strong Face –  Concert Reading

Maybe it’s her “energy.” Maybe it’s her hair. Or maybe it’s just her skin. Whatever it is, no one in Follywood seems to be able to see that actress Bentley Jones is a woman. Nevertheless, Bentley is determined to be seen and make a name for herself. When she realizes that playing men may be the only way she’s able to accomplish her goals, Bentley decides not to disabuse anyone of their misperception. Not even her hip-pop star “girlfriend” Yoni Baker. Or man-in-address film star Whip Williams. But things change when Bentley learns that major film studio 19th Century Cocks has green lit a slavery-themed biopic guaranteed to earn its female star an impOSTOR nomination. Selling her agent on what she calls “genderblind” casting, Bentley manages to land the female lead. However, Bentley soon discovers that being seen as a woman in Follywood isn’t all that she hoped it would be.

Angela Stern - Playwright - Mama's Eggnog



Angela is a writer and actress. She is the author of several short plays, screenplays, pilots, three full-length plays, and several short films as well as a novel. Angela has successfully produced two of her full-length plays in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Ca. Angela’s short play had the honor of being selected as one of the 30 finalists in the 2016 Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival. In August 2016, she brought her work to the East 13th Street Theatre in New York. In August 2017, the short went on to Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Mama’s Eggnog – Workshop Production

On a hot October day, after the sudden passing of their mother, the Pereira family siblings come together after more than a year of separation. At the behest of youngest sibling, Belinda, the three surviving children gather to witness the cremation of their deceased mother.  As the family gathers over the holiday season, they are forced to face their differences while also deciding what to do with their mother’s ashes. On Christmas Eve, Belinda finds her perfect solution to bring them together and return their mother’s ashes to her native land. But when Belinda reveals what she has done with the ashes, all hell breaks loose and the enormity of their loss leads to utter chaos in the home.

Mary McLaughlin - Playwright - The Buddha's Wife



Mary holds a BA in English from Stanford University, where she was the recipient of Stanford’s Golden Grant Award for play writing, and an MA in Theatre & Performance Studies from the University at Buffalo. Her plays have been performed in NYC, CT, and PA; most recently, her play Doing Time was presented at the New Works Festival in Pittsburgh, PA. Currently at work on a musical for Road Less Traveled Theatre in Buffalo, she writes poems, co-writes memoirs, and teaches yoga. Member: Dramatists Guild, SAG-AFTRA.

The Buddha’s Wife – Workshop Production

Diane, a PhD candidate and rising star in feminist studies, finds herself at the kitchen sink. Trapped within her role as an at-home mother, she struggles to find meaning in a life so different from what she believes she deserves. Meanwhile, in India 2500 years prior, Yasodhara leads a parallel existence. A 16-year-old princess of enormous talent and education, she marries prince Siddhartha, who leaves her and their newborn child to seek enlightenment. The Buddha’s Wife juxtaposes these two women, moving fluidly through time and place to show how their mutual choices drove them to this point of despair. Their common story answers the question: can one attain enlightenment standing at the kitchen sink?

Elizabeth Nelson - Playwright - The Golden Hour



Elizabeth is an artist, writer, and animal welfare advocate working as a communications professional for Berkshire Humane Society. From 2009-16, she worked for Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, launching SDC Journal. Her play, Fugue, A Ten-Minute Play (Black Box Press), has been produced worldwide, and her play, The Going Price (Stage Rights), was selected in 2011 as part of Red Bull Theater’s inaugural Short New Play Festival. She resides in the Berkshires with her husband, 3 cats, and a puggle named Harper.

The Golden Hour – Workshop Production

In The Golden Hour, a play with music, Michael and Elana are reunited after a ten-year absence. Over the course of the evening, they relive their past and imagine a future, dreaming into existence a life that might have been while living what is and moving toward what inevitably will be. Touching on themes of love, sex, and grief, The Golden Hour explores the intersections of time, sound, words, and movement. At the end of the play, a four-hands piano duet, which has been played in parts throughout, is performed, linking together the stories and theatrical elements experienced over the course of the play.