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Did you know that most of our income comes from individual donations? Which means that YOUR contribution always makes a HUGE difference.

Every donation you make supports Athena Project’s upcoming programming, which including our Girls Create Celebration, “Inside Out: Art and Reflection,” an upcoming visual arts show, and Honor Killing by Sarah Bierstock, our Premiere Production. Please, grow the world by contributing to our community of women artists today!

Introducing Athena Project FemPower Funders!

Mary Elizabeth Smith
Sacha Millstone
Barbara Bridges

If you are able to make a commitment of $1,000/year for the next 3 years to support our organization or know someone who may be able to, please email Angela Astle, Founder and Executive Producer at

Would you rather send us a check? Please do! Just send it to:
Athena Project, 5761 S. Youngfield Street, Littleton, CO 80127

Amazon Smile - Support Athena Project by shopping on Amazon

Next time you shop on Amazon, make sure you’re supporting Athena Project!

Just select Athena Project as your chosen charity, and every time you shop through Amazon Smile ( they’ll automatically donate 0.5% of your purchase price. It may sound a small amount, but when hundreds of supporters are shopping this way it soon adds up for us!

The prices, the products, everything is exactly the same – you’ll just be supporting Athena Project every time you buy!

Colorado Gives Day

Athena Project is a proud participant in Colorado Gives Day. Recognizing a need to simplify charitable giving and participation, is an online giving site dedicated to bringing awareness to nearly 2000 participating Colorado nonprofits.

A day in early December each year is set aside as Colorado Gives Day, to encourage charitable giving to any nonprofit throughout the state, including those listed on the site.