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2019 Plays In Progress Series

Equity and non equity opportunities available!

Athena Project is casting roles for its Plays In Progress Series (PIP Series). We are looking for actors (preferably) with new play development experience to participate in our Series with performance dates of June 1 and 2 at The Aurora Fox Arts Center.  Our PIP Series includes two workshop productions, each approximately 25 hours of rehearsal. There will be basic lights, sound, props, and set added to these workshop performances. Each rehearsal period culminates in 1 workshop performance with actors on book (scripts in hand).  NON EQUITY ACTORS will be considered for these roles. There will also be two workshops with limited concert readings (with music stands and approximately 10 hours of rehearsal), and one table reading. Each concert and table reading will have one performance. EQUITY ACTORS and NON EQUITY ACTORS will be considered for these readings.

Saturday, April 6th from 10am – 1pm

Saturday, April 27th from 10am – 4pm (​Please plan to be available from either 10am-1pm or 1pm-4pm)

Location of Auditions
Goosetail Space: 1525 Raleigh St / 4200 Conejo Pl. Denver 80204 (you might see two addresses on the building), and the auditions will be in the BASEMENT.  Please check in at the table in the lobby and someone will bring you down when it’s time.

Goosetail is one block north of Colfax on Raleigh. 3 hr parking south side lot. If full, free parking garage on Conejo (left turn). Parking garage is labeled for movie theater attendance, but it is ok to park there.  Lots immediately around the building are time-limited and enforced. Entrance doors are on the north or south side of the building.
If doors are locked, please call or text Geneva at (719) 334-1261.

To answer any questions or sign up for an audition slot, email Athena Project Production Coordinator, Geneva Mattoon at

Or visit our website ( for more information.

Audition Requirements

  • Please bring 3 resumes, 3 headshots and a list of ALL possible conflicts for the time period of May 25th-June 2nd.
  • Please prepare two monologues: a 1 minute dramatic and 1 minute comedic.
  • You will be asked to perform both but it will be your choice as to the one you begin with.


    • Each workshop and reading will rehearse all day on weekends beginning May 25, evenings beginning at 6pm on May 27, 28, 29 (Mon-Wed), and beginning at 4:30pm on May 30 and 31 (Thursday and Friday).
    • A more detailed rehearsal schedule will be determined by which workshop/reading you are cast in.

Run dates

    • Each workshop or reading will have one performance either on June 1st or 2nd.
    • Performances times are TBD on June 1 or 2 but actors who audition must be available for the weekend.

Video Auditions
If you are available for the festival and interested in auditioning but are unable to attend the April 6th auditions we are accepting video submissions. These need to be sent by April 6th.

Please send video submissions to Geneva Mattoon at

All actors will be paid an honorarium.

Available roles are as follows:
Seeking one 15 year old Filipino man
Seeking one 17 year old woman
Seeking one 17 year old man
Seeking women from 20s-60s, all ethnicities
Seeking men 30s-70s, all ethnicities

*If availability allows, you can be eligible for casting in multiple productions.

Athena Project is seeking to cast people of ALL races, colors, and abilities.

Play Synopses

A Driving Beat by Jordan Ramirez Puckett (Concert Reading)
2,000 miles, a cross-country car ride
adopted son and mother travel side by side
white woman, brown son in the same space
9 states to the hospital, the teen’s birthplace
4 days, if all goes according to plan
5 nights, of doing all that they can
to find his birth mom, identity, or home
but by the end of their journey
will any answers be known?

Endurance of Light by Amanda Petefish-Schrag (Workshop Production)
Sophie refuses to leave her bed after suffering multiple miscarriages. Now, lost in a surreal landscape with Sir Ernest Shackleton, Albert Einstein, and Hildegard Von Bingen, Sophie must navigate the mysterious forces that threaten to trap her forever as past and present, faith and science, collide.

Mynx & Savage by Rebecca Gorman O’Neill (Concert Reading)
A tri-level story of a comic book writer, the characters of his superhero story, and the creatures of his “serious” work. When corporate powers start pushing him to produce, he is torn between the comfort of fantasy and the necessary truth.

Rat by Lans Traverse (Table Reading)
A malevolent presence has entered their house and is unsettling the lives of Isobel and Kevin. Is this large rat even real? Or is he merely a figment of Isobel’s overwrought imagination? Is she the one responsible for all the dirt? Or is this invasive rat unearthing more than the clods of soil he deposits around their home?

Teach by Donna Hoke (Workshop Production)
Five actors, three characters, one story: Ten years ago, Ken and Chris were teacher and student. Now, they are principal and teacher, and Emerson’s suspiciously high grade gives Ken license to grill Chris until the young teacher is forced to confront both past and present.