2018 Athena Project PIP Series


Date of Audition:  Sunday, January 14th from 1:00 – 5:00 PM and Monday, January 15th from 6:00 – 7:00 PM.

University of Denver
JMAC – Johnson McFarlane Hall
1903 E Iliff Ave,
Denver, CO 80208

To answer any questions or sign up for a slot for any/all shows, email Athena Project Production Coordinator, Amelia Retureta at

Date of Callback: Monday Jan, 15 from 7:00 – 10:00 PM

University of Denver
JMAC – Johnson McFarlane Hall
1903 E Iliff Ave,
Denver, CO 80208
(Please plan to be available for the entire time)

Audition Requirements: Please bring two (2) resumes, two (2) headshots and a list of all possible conflicts for the time period of February 1st – March 31st. Please prepare two (2) monologues: a one (1) minute dramatic and a one (1) minute comedic. You will be asked to perform both but it will be your choice as to the one you begin with.

2018 Plays In Progress Series

Athena Project is casting ensemble roles for its Plays In Progress Series. We are looking for ensemble members (preferably with new play development experience) to participate in three workshop productions, each approximately 25 hours of rehearsal. Each rehearsal period culminates in 2 workshop performances with actors on book (scripts in hand), but blocked. There will be basic lights, sound, props, and set added to these workshop performances during two short tech rehearsals. NON EQUITY ACTORS will be considered for these roles. This year we are also presenting two script readings–one table reading without any rehearsal and one concert style reading (with music stands) with 10 hours of rehearsal. Each reading will have one performance and EQUITY ACTORS and NON EQUITY ACTORS will be considered for these readings.

Rehearsals: Each workshop and reading will rehearse on nights and weekends beginning in early February. Tech and Dress rehearsals are various dates and times between March 11th – 28th.

Performance days/times:

Workshops: Fridays or Saturdays at 7:00 PM, Saturdays at 2:00 PM. March 23rd, 24th, 30th, and 31st.
Readings: One night each at 7:00 PM, either Thursday, March 22nd or Thursday, March 29th.

Stipend: All actors will be paid an honorarium.

Available roles are as follows:

Seeking two 8 – 11 year old female girls, all ethnicities.
Seeking women from 20s – 50s, all ethnicities.
Seeking men from 30s – 50s, all ethnicities.

While we have specific roles for at least 5 African American actors, Athena Project is seeking to cast people of ALL races, colors, and abilities.

Please note, based on this audition you may be invited to perform for our Girls Create Celebration which will take place as part of the 2018 Athena Project Arts Festival on March 3rd at 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Details to follow.

Detailed Character Breakdown

The Inside Child, by Claire Caviglia, directed by Nataki Garrett

(table reading)


ROSE EMSWORTH – Eight years old. Has not been allowed outside her entire life. While she has a great relationship with her governess Sarah, she strives for attention from her parents.

SARAH SMITH – Late twenties, an intelligent and kind woman, Rose’s governess. She is polite yet has strong views of her own. Rose is the center of her world.

AMY EMSWORTH – English, in her mid-thirties. Rose’s mother. Even though she has the same education as Sarah, she is not as ambitious with it nor strives to be. Wears a key around her neck. Appearance becomes increasingly disheveled throughout the show.

JOHN EMSWORTH – American, early forties, Rose’s father. A Maryland State Senator. The glue to the family. Has a bit of a temper when he feels threatened, but overall is a solid man.

ROBERT GRABLE – The Emsworths’ milkman, early thirties. Sarah’s eventual love interest. Ernest and funny, he has taken over the route from his father. Served in Germany during WWII.

CAROL BAKER – The Emsworths’ cook, in her fifties or sixties. Spunky and lighthearted, wise if uneducated.

DENISE JOHNSON – Between eight and eleven years old. She is brought in as a “substitute” for Rose and goes to school under Rose’s name. Inspires jealousy and admiration from Rose because she is allowed to do many things that Rose isn’t.

CLARENCE DREYER – John’s age, fellow senator. Oily and cruel, he is suspicious about why Rose is not in school.

Strong Face, by Philana Omorotionmwan, directed by Betty Hart

(concert reading)


BENTLEY JONES – A black actress who, despite her traditionally feminine appearance, finds herself typecast in male roles in Follywood films. Probably “dark-skinned.”

YONI BAKER – A black hip-pop star who doesn’t leave very much to the imagination because, well, she’s a bad bitch. Probably “light-skinned.”

WHIP WILLIAMS – A black comedian turned man-in-a-dress film star, so he always does the most.

WHITE…? WOMAN – An “ethnically ambiguous” woman who plays all of the white women in Follywood; played by a black actress in white face.

WHITE MAN – A white man who plays all of the white men in Follywood; played by a black actor or actress in white face.

Mama’s Eggnog, by Angela Stern, directed by Penny Cole

(workshop production)


BELINDA PEREIRA: late 30’s to 50’s. The youngest child of the Pereira family.

DALLAS PEREIRA: male, late 30’s to 50’s. The middle child of the Pereira family.

KOURTNEY PEREIRA: late 30’s to 50’s. The eldest child of the Pereira family.

MITCH: The owner and lead mortician at the crematorium.

PETER/PEDRO/GURU: The same actor plays Kourtney’s Husband, Belinda’s spiritual guru and St. Peter aka Santa Pedro mid 40’s -50’s.

RAMONA: The spirit of the siblings’ mother in a 24 year old woman’s body.

The Buddha’s Wife, by Mary Poindexter McLaughlin, directed by Jada Dixon

(workshop production)


DIANE BREWSTER: female, 20- late 30’s, driven, intellectual, articulate.

YASODHARA: female, 16-30, accomplished, beautiful; this actor also plays the small roles of THERAPIST and SABA.

JUSTIN/SIDDHARTHA: male, plays both JUSTIN GALLAGHER, 35, focused, kind; and SIDDHARTHA, 16-30, sensitive, aristocratic.

TRACY/RITA: female, plays both TRACY, 20- late 30’s,Diane’s best friend, wise and wise-cracking; and RITA,16-30, Yasodhara’s best friend, loyal and bold.

BAXTER/KING: male, plays both BAXTER, 20–late 30’s, smart, spoiled; and the KING, Yasodhara’s father, 40’s, powerful, genial.

There are also two minor offstage voices: TRACY’S MOTHER and a SMALL CHILD’S VOICE.

The Golden Hour, by Elizabeth Nelson, directed by Heidi Schmidt

(workshop production)


MICHAEL EMORY An actor and composer, 55 years old.

ELANA BIRD A playwright and poet, 35 years old.

THE DUET A four hands piano duet, half of which was written 10 years ago.