Athena Project 2018 Premiere Production


Honor Killing - Athena Project 2018 Premiere Production

Date of Audition:
Sat. June 23rd 10am – 1pm and callbacks Tues/Wed June 26th/27th from 6:30pm – 9:30pm (Please plan to be available for the entire time on the night you are called.)

Location of Audition:
Staenberg-Loup Jewish Community Center
350 S Dahlia St
Denver, CO 80246

To answer any questions or sign up for an audition slot, email Athena Project Production Coordinator, Christin Woolley at:

Audition Requirements: Please bring two (2) resumes, (2) headshots and a list of all possible conflicts for the time period of August 1st – September 30th. Please prepare two monologues: a 1 minute dramatic and 1 minute comedic.You will be asked to perform both but it will be your choice as to the one you begin with.

2018 Premiere Production: Honor Killing

Athena Project is casting roles for its Premiere Production Honor Killing. We are looking for actors to participate in our Fall Premiere Production which will have approximately 80 hours of rehearsal between the months of August and September. There will be full lights, sound, props, set, and costumes to support this production. NON EQUITY ACTORS will be considered for these roles. This production is technically demanding with the use of electronics and skyping; we are seeking actors with an understanding of Skype and patience when working with technology.

Synopsis: Allisyn is an American journalist traveling to Pakistan to report on a local woman who was stoned by her family in a honor killing. When she is refused entrance to the country she must conduct her reporting from a Dubai hotel room sending in fellow reporter Ben Adams to do the groundwork. Through text messages, Skype calls, and emailing we learn the story behind the murdered Simara and also the history and relationships that Allisyn has shared with the other characters.

Character Descriptions: (Please note that some doubling of parts may occur)

Allisyn Davis: 35, Caucasian American. A free-lance journalist; works for the NY Times. Graduated cumlaude from Vassar, and has a PHD in journalism from Columbia University. Attractive, determined, intelligent, educated and privileged. Well travelled, worldly. Appears conservative, but has an open mind. Hides her vulnerability. Defiant, strong-willed, curious and not easily contained.
Ben Adams: 36, Caucasian American. Journalist. Harvard grad; double major in business and journalism. Hails from a wealthy family in Georgia. Incredibly driven, he’s quickly climbing the ranks at The New York Times. An attractive, ambitious, hard worker- seemingly open-minded and democratic- despite his upbringing. Strong-minded and incredibly capable- he is Allisyn’s true equal.
Mehreen: 35, Pakistani lawyer and activist. (FEMALE)
Immigration Officer: 35-40, Pakistani Immigration Officer at the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore, Pakistan.
Mohammad Ijaaz: 45-55, Husband of the deceased, Samira Tasneem. Seemingly bereft, wife was brutally murdered in front of him. Pakistani.
Abbas: 35-45, Pakistani stringer
Muzaffar Khan: 40, Samira’s Lawyer. Pakistani. Educated- but not elite. The people’s lawyer.
Raja Mahmood (Consular Agent): 35-40, Pakistani. Answers to Consul General Shahreyar Zasar.
Shahreyar Zasar: 40-50, Pakistani Consul General to Dubai. Elegant, educated, diplomatic and cutting. A traditionalist.
Melissa Davis: 37, Caucasian American. Allisyn’s sister. Pretty, reserved. Is stronger than she looks.
BBC-News-reporter: Female, British
Edward Evans: 50-65, NY Times

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will be held on weeknights from 6:30pm – 9:30pm beginning in August and continuing into September, as well as a few Saturdays from 10am – 4pm. Tech and Dress rehearsals will be the week of September 2nd. YOU MUST BE IN TOWN FOR LABOR DAY WEEKEND WHICH IS THAT WEEKEND.

Run dates: The Production opens on September 8th and will run until closing on September 30th.

Performance days/times:
Sept. 8th – 8pm               Sept. 22rd – 8pm
Sept. 14th – 8pm             Sept. 23rd – 2pm
Sept. 15th – 8pm             Sept. 28th – 8pm
Sept. 16th – 2pm             Sept. 29th – 8pm
Sept. 21st – 8pm             Sept. 30th – 2pm

Please note we will hold one Industry Night performance at 8pm on Sept. 13th.

Stipend: All actors will be paid an honorarium.

Available roles are as follows:
Seeking 30-40 yr females, caucasian
Seeking 35-55 yr male, Pakistani or Middle Eastern
Seeking 30-40 yr male, caucasian
Seeking 30-40 yr female, Pakistani or Middle Eastern
Seeking 50-65 yr male, all ethnicities

While we have specific roles for at least 3 Pakistani or Middle Eastern actors, Athena Project is seeking to cast people of ALL races, colors, and abilities.