Director: Penny Cole

Dramaturg: Bethany Wood

Bethany Wood serves as Assistant Professor and Director of Theatre at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri. She is the author of Women Adapting: Bringing Three Serials of the Roaring Twenties to Stage and Screen (University of Iowa Press, 2019). As a dramaturg, she has worked with Four Seasons Theatre (Madison, WI) and has worked in developing new plays through the Women and Theatre Program, International Centre for Women Playwrights, Wisconsin Wrights, and Chicago Dramatists.

Stage Manager: Amelia Retureta

Amelia graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Technology focusing on stage management and production technology. She spent several years in Virginia as a stage manager and assistant company manager for the Richmond Ballet. Since returning to Colorado she has stage managed for several companies including The University of Denver, the Edge Theater, and Athena Project. As a member of the Board of Directors for Athena Project, she is delighted to continue help female voices in the arts grow and advance.


Sophie: Katie Cross

Katie Cross is happy to join the Athena Project for the first time. Her theater credits include include In Flight: The Story of Sabine VanDam (Gulfshore Playhouse): Sweet & Lucky (Denver Center/Third Rail Productions): and The Tempest (Colorado Shakespeare Festival.) Film credits include Belleville Cop, The Neapolitan, and College Pranks. Originally from Denver, Katie currently lives in Florida but always enjoys coming back to Colorado. www.katiecross.com

Ernest Shackleton: Todd Sullivan

Todd is excited to work with the Athena Project on The Endurance of Light. He recently performed in the Wreck on the 525 at the Randy Weeks Conservatory Theatre and was a writer/performer at the UCB Franklin theatre in Los Angeles. Todd studied Theatre, Speech and Dance at Brown University and received an MFA from the American Film Institute where he directed the award winning short films Penny Dreadful and Seven Verses.

Albert Einstein: Ryan Goold

Ryan Goold is so happy to be under the Athena umbrella for this reading.  Trained in New York City, Ryan has been acting in the Denver area for the past ten years.  This includes stints at The Edge Theatre, Miner’s Alley Playhouse, Evergreen Players and Athena Project. He is fueled artistically by comic books, horror flicks and rock & roll.  Thank You to Athena Project for everything that they do.

Hildegard Von Bingen: Kathi Baerns

I am very excited and honored to be working with Athena and their Plays in Progress again. I love their focus on promoting women writers and actors and recognizing the value of women of all ages and types. I started on stage as a child, and through decades also worked backstage as a director, stage mgr., makeup-artist, set designer and painter. I spent over 25 years as an on-air radio host and have appeared in commercials, TV shows, independent and student films.

Michael: Andrew Fognani

Fognani studied acting at The Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre, The Will Wallace Acting Company, Joseph Pearlman, LA On Camera, Amy Lyndon, The Denver Center for the Performing Arts and Babcock Studios among others. He landed his first feature role starring as Mark Madoff in Madoff: Made Off With America. He  co-produced and played the role of Billy in the feature Red Wing, directed by his close friend and colleague Will Wallace, Executive Produced by Terrence Malick and Ed Pressman, starring Bill Paxton, Luke Perry, Frances Fisher, Joel Carter, and Glenn Powell. He recently starred as Herbert Hawkins in The Wreck on the Five-Twenty-Five.

Ellen: Pamela Nocerino

Pamela’s life is full of creative, imaginative play; sometimes she’s paid for it and sometimes she volunteers to help build a giant troll. She began acting at eight, recording voiceovers for inanimate objects into a cassette recorder. Later, with a degree in Theatre Arts, she performed in Denver to glowing reviews. But that was before the internet, so you’ll just have to believe her. Pamela is excited and grateful to be a part of The Athena Project!