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Honor Killing - Athena Project 2018 Premiere Production

I love theatre that asks questions of the audience and makes them think. I also love plays that address topics that need addressing. – Angela Astle, Athena Project Executive Producer

Honor Killing is a suspenseful and compelling story of New York Times reporter Allisyn Davis who is investigating the honor killing of a young Pakistani woman at the hands of family. Through a series of cultural collisions, candid interviews, and dangerous encounters she learns the horrifying details of the killing. Cultural bias, technology, and the limits of ethical reporting converge in this tale of two women trapped by their circumstances and culture. Angela Astle talks about the play and her experience as director. Check out the full story or learn more about Honor Killing and buy tickets.

Our fearless leader, Executive Producer Angela Astle, is featured as one of 100 Colorado Creatives in the Denver Westword!

Inspired by her own experience as a successful woman director in New York and Denver, Colorado’s Angela Astle began conversations with other women in the arts from her home state about survival in a society where women creatives can still be overlooked — and what to do about it. That led to the earliest rendition of the Athena Project in 2012. Check out the full story HERE.

Plays In Progress is a unique program fostering new works by women playwrights.

Each Spring playwrights are invited to submit previously unproduced plays which are read and scored by a team of readers.  One hundred and fifty plays were submitted from across the country. We are pleased to announce five winning scripts and playwrights.  The Inside Child by Claire Caviglia will be presented as a table reading,  Strong Face by Philana Omorotionmwan will be presented as a concert reading, and Mama’s Eggnog by Angela Stern, The Buddha’s Wife by Mary Poindexter McLaughlin, and The Golden Hour by Elizabeth Nelson will all receive workshop level productions during the Sixth Annual Athena Project Festival in March 2018. Learn more.

Women hold a higher number of leadership positions in theatres in the Rocky Mountain West when compared to overall theatres across the US.

Gender parity continues to be a significant issue across all social and economic sectors including the arts. Over the past several years multiple studies have been published examining the roles and participation of women in theatre across the United States. See the full survey here.

Angela Astle’s Athena Project doesn’t take its mission lightly.

We’re thrilled to share that Westword chose the Athena Project Arts Festival for the 2017 Best of Series! Theatre, Dance, Music, Visual Arts and more all packaged in a month long festival. See the full article here.

What’s the status of women working in theater in the Rocky Mountain region? That’s a question Angela Astle had.

Athena Project Founder and Executive Producer, Angela Astle spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel this week about the gender gap in Rocky Mountain Regional Theaters. The Athena Project sponsored a study to get a better picture of the number of women directing, leading and getting produced in the local area. Listen to the Colorado Matters story.

Athena Project’s first annual Status of Women in Theatre in the Rocky Mountain Region survey found that people of color, and women of color in particular, are drastically underrepresented in both playwriting and positions of leadership.

Overall the Athena Project survey findings for the production of female playwrights across the Rocky Mountain Region falls in line with the findings of other studies. Women account for roughly 25% of the playwrights produced both nationally and within the Rocky Mountain Region. It is important to note that this number is significantly less for female playwrights of color.

Read the full report

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