Our Story

Athena Project was set up in 2012 by Angela Astle to close a critical gap in the creative life of the Denver community.

Angela is a Colorado native. She earned her degree in Business and Theatre at the University of Colorado at Denver, and then went on to sharpen her directorial teeth for many years on the stages of New York.

When she returned to Denver in Spring of 2010, Angela began talking to other female artists about creating a female-focused arts festival – and the seed of Athena Project was planted.

Athena began with a series of Plays In Progress – six brand new plays by women playwrights, three local and three from elsewhere in the US. The plays were developed with directors, dramaturgs and actors, and presented as workshop performances in 2012. One play was selected, based on audience responses and feedback from the Athena Board, to be staged as a full production during the very first Athena Project Arts Festival the following March, 2013. March was selected as Athena’s Festival month because it’s also Women’s History Month, and includes International Women’s Day and International Theatre Day.