About Us

Hi! We’re Athena Project – the Denver, Colorado nonprofit dedicated to strengthening our local and global communities by empowering women and girls to embrace their place as leaders in the arts.

VISION: Athena envisions a world where women’s voices are powerfully expressed and recognized for artistic merit in the community.

MISSION: Athena Project’s mission is to empower women and strengthen the Denver community through developing and showcasing women and girls’ artistic contributions, while inviting new audiences into the creative process.

Why We Need Athena

In the US, and around the world, women have a vibrant and vital presence in the arts – but did you know that right now the huge majority of women working in arts industries are in the least influential roles, with low pay and poor representation?

Overwhelmingly, leadership positions like Stage Directors, Museum Chiefs, Movie Directors, Cinematographers, Choreographers, Music Producers, Head Designers, Featured Artists … are still dominated by men.

Which means women’s voices, influences and ideas are being systematically muffled.

That’s why Athena Project celebrates and nurtures women’s artistic expression – and works actively for equality of opportunity, recognition and pay based on artistic merit.

Because enabling women’s artistic voices to be powerfully expressed alongside men’s is not just good for women – it builds a healthy society, for everyone. The richer the weave of ideas around us, the stronger the fabric of our communities. Which means a more connected, less polarized, safer and happier world for us all.

What Athena Does

Each year, Athena Project produces a fabulous Arts Festival, celebrating amazing new plays by female writers, fashion, music and dance – it’s a huge part of our program powering women and girls toward artistic leadership.

The Festival features our hugely innovative Plays In Progress series, in which women playwrights collaborate with directors, dramaturgs and actors, to bring brand new work to the public as workshop performances – and then the audience tells us what they think!

Our themed exhibition of visual arts showcases vibrant new work from women artists and curators, sharing their inspiration with the wider community.

Our unparalleled Girls Create summer intensives ignite the passions and talents of middle and high school girls in writing, fashion design, visual arts and improv. This invaluable summer camp program empowers girls to lead, and to affect change in themselves and others through creative learning.