Getting women artists out there for the world to know.
For the world to grow.

Athena Project is the Colorado nonprofit that celebrates and nurtures women’s artistic expression, working actively for equality of opportunity, recognition and pay based on artistic merit alone.

Women account for just 25% of the playwrights produced across the Rocky Mountain Region. Only 5% of music producers are women. Only 30% of major American museums have women directors right now …

Grow the world by changing the future for women in mainstream arts leadership.



Artists’ Night Out

Thursday, May 17th at 6:30 PM

Join Athena Project and Art Students League of Denver for a night of show and tell with an artistic twist! Bring your dancing shoes, your monologues, your pantings or photographs, or even your guitar. Share your creation with a community of supportive female artists.


Art Show

Through Inside Out: Art and Reflection, Athena Project will be expanding the celebration of our exhibiting visual artists by acknowledging that behind every outstanding woman artist there were outstanding and often less recognized women who inspired us and removed many of the obstacles in our paths. Submissions for the show are open from May 7 to July 15, 2018.