Getting women artists out there for the world to know.
For the world to grow.

Athena Project is the Colorado nonprofit that celebrates and nurtures women’s artistic expression, working actively for equality of opportunity, recognition and pay based on artistic merit alone.

Women account for just 25% of the playwrights produced across the Rocky Mountain Region. Only 5% of music producers are women. Only 30% of major American museums have women directors right now …

Grow the world by changing the future for women in mainstream arts leadership.


Visual Art Show

Inside Out: Art and Reflection, a visual arts show produced by Athena at 40 West Arts Gallery, seeks to dissolve the division between invisibility and visibility of women in the visual arts by recognizing the links between generations of women artists. Women artists are invited to submit visual art pieces for display and sale at 40 West Arts Gallery from Sept 7 to 30, 2018.

Shoes for Good!

This exciting call is to invite artists to design a SHOE for the “Tap Shoe Initiative” supporting the Denver Actors Fund. The Denver Actors Fund, a non-profit organization established in June 2013, is a modest source of immediate, situational relief when members of the Denver theater community find themselves in situational medical need. The Denver Actors Fund offers both financial and volunteer assistance. To date, The Fund has distributed over $234,000 to help recipients with medical bills, insurance, co-payments, supplies and more.



Throughout the month of July, 2018

Our unparalleled Girls Create summer camp program ignites the passions and talents of 6th to 10th grade girls in playwriting, fashion design, improv, and visual arts (including a storytelling arts camp for girls who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing). Professionals teach, guest artists share their expertise, and mentors from the community guide and encourage – empowering girls to lead, and to affect change in themselves and others through creative learning.